Ancestral File — Sharon Buller

This line is from Sharon from our VP group.

Sharon Henson Buller’s

Vaughan Lineage

No. Name Date of Birth Place of Birth Marriage Date & Place Bur.Place Date of Death

William VAUGHAN (Vychan) 1750                        Wales?                                   ) 1772?  TN/NC?    NW AR    1838-40

Fereby BENTON                    1745                        NC                           )                                               Madison Co., AR   May 1850

Vaughan Cemetery

3.             Samuel VAUGHAN 01-Sept.-1776         Russell Co., VA/     )                                               Madison Co. AR    April-29-1852

*Catherine HAMMONS (Kate)                               1786                        ?? VA                                      )                               Madison Co. AR

3.c.          George Wash. VAUGHAN 27-Feb.-1813          Warren Co., Tenn.                                                ) 16-May-1836        Madison Co. AR    05-Jan-1846

*Julia Ann MASON                19-Dec.-1822          Cassville, Barry, MO) Madison Co? AR              Madison Co. AR    Jan.-05-1846

*Elizabeth VAUGHAN            02-Feb.-1822                                          ) 12-Jan-1847                         Madison Co. AR    after 1871

3.c.5.       Julia Ann VAUGHAN (Nov.10) 19-Dec.-1845        AR                       ) 1860                                   AR                         13-Oct-1872

*Geo. Washington ARNOLD       13-May-1836        Macon Co, NC      ) @   AR                            Rogers, AR               18-Oct-1873

3c5d        Julia Frances ARNOLD 04-Oct.-1872          Hindsville, Ark        ) Dec.-25-1890                       Arlington, KS         Dec.-17-1960

*Jonathan Franklin HENSON 16-Aug.-1866          Fayetteville, Ark.    )@ War Eage, Ark.                Arlington, KS         Aug.-12-1960

3C5d5     Arnold Gregg HENSON 22-Jan-1905           Siloam Spgs, Ark.    ) 28-June-1930       Hutchinson, KS   Sept. 20, 2002

*Glendora M. EICKER                           23-Dec-1910           Spearville, KS          ) @ Newton, KS      Hutchinson, KS   Oct. 25, 2007

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Tim Childress’ ancestry

Here is another ancestral line of a Vaughan Pioneers member:


John Vaughn/Nancy Callicott                      My 5G grandparents
George Washington Vaughn/Mary Jane Brown
Louisiana Paralee “Pink” Vaughn/George Washington Reagan
Charles Washington Reagan/Lula Marzee Chadwick
Jessie Eunice Reagan/William Frank Mitcham
Juanita Mitcham/Albert Gorman
Living Gorman/Living Childress
Tim Childress (
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Ancestral File — Cheryl McDonald & Carolyn Trice

Cheryl McDonald, of the VP group sent her line as well as her cousin Carolyn Trice’s line:

Of course starts with William and Fereby
Daniel and Margaret “Peggy” Hammonds/Hammons
Isaac Vaughan, Sr 1818 – 1897 and Virginia Clark 1819 – 1903
Isaac K. Vaughan 1862 – 1940 and Jane Hawk 1867 – 1952
Thomas Edgar Vaughan 1882 – 1911 and Berite Mae Smyer/Smyer  1881 – 1977
Clarence Albert Vaughan 1908 – 1992 and Ada Belle Reeder 1911 – 1988
Joyce Faye Vaughan Fults, Dumas, Ray – living – Granville Brue Fults 1915 – 1980
Cheryl which is me
Also Carolyn Trice has the same line except her will change in case she didn’t send it to you at Jewel was a sister to my grandfather Clarence
Thomas Edgar and Bertie Mae
Oliver Monroe Crowley 1896 – 1993 and Jewel Vaughan 1902 – 1992
Herbert Lee Moses 1918 living –  Frances Louise Crowley 1919 living
Billy Ray Trice 1939 living  Carolyn Louise Moses 1941 living
There they are and hope I didn’t get you mixed up
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Donna Shorten — Ancestral Line

From VP group member Donna Shorten:

Donna Shorten
Father: E.T. Sampson   5 July 1888-10 Oct 1960  M; Thelma Fairbanks B: 7 July 1914- D: 14 June 2006.
Anna Pearl Todd 1898-1997 m: Roy M. Fairbanks  1888-1966 parents of Thelma.
Thomas Albert Todd  D:1899 M: Elizabeth Fisher  parents of Anna Pearl Todd
Leroy Clement Todd  M: Elizabeth Vaughan     parents of Thomas Albert Todd
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From Carol Adams — Ancestry

This one is from VP group member Carol Adams:

Descendency of Donald Adams:
John Vaughan
b. abt 1762 in Va
d. 14 July 1842 in Hancock Co, Tn
m. 1794 in Va to Nancy Callicot
their son:
Beverly Vaughn
b. 04 Jan 1797-8 in Halifax Co, Va
d.  Unknown
m. 22 Aug 1850 in Clark Co, Illinois to Fannie Chambers Minor
their son:
Phillip Alexander Vaughn
b.  15 Apr 1851 in Clark Co, Illinois
d.  25 Nov 1927 in Vermillion, Edgar Co, Il
married 1st:  Martha Rahel  in 1876
married 2nd:  Emma Rahel in 1879 (Phylis Deutsch line)
married 3rd:  Kate McClenthen 8 Sep 1895 in Clark Co, Il
Kate and Phillips daughter:
Rebecca Genevieve Vaughn
b. 10 Jun 1913 in Clark Co, Il
d.  20 Jun 1999 in Edgar Co, Il
m. 1931 in Danville, Illinois  to Harold Adams
their son:
Donald Rae Adams (twin)
b. Aug 13, 1933 in Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois
m.  1955 to Carol Isaacson
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Ancestral Line Shirley Quick

Number 4 is from Shirley Overton Quick

1.  Shirley (myself) – living person- no information given out for security reasons
2.  (father) – no information will be given out for security reasons
3.  Mildred Todd – (mother) 1914-1994
4.  Benjamin Franklin Todd 1879 Clifty, AR, 1967 Springdale, AR
8.  George Washington “Coot” Todd 4 July 1857 AR, 29 Feb. 1940 AR.
9.  Narcissus Clementine Hinds ca 1855-56 AR, 16 Apr 1936 Dallas, TX
16 . Leroy Clement Todd 11 June 1836 prob. Clifty, AR, 2 Nov 1912 Clifty, AR
17.  Elizabeth Vaughan 14 Mar 1841 Madison Co. AR, 6 Dec 1912 Clifty, AR
18.  William M. Hinds 28 Aug 1803 Warren Co. TN, 11 Sept 1879 Hindsville AR area
19.  Matilda Baker 1809 TN, 25 July 1889 prob. Hindsville, AR
34.  Benjamin Vaughan/Vaughn 1 Mar 1815 or 3 Mar TN, 7 Apr 1903 Prob. Clifty, AR
35.  Cherubia Harp 17 Sept 1817 TN, 30 Nov 1892 AR
68.  James L. Vaughn 15 Oct 1795 Halifax Co. VA, in Washington Co. AR census of 1830-40. Said to have remarr and went to TX.
69.  Martha “Patty” Vaughan Jan 19 1787 VA or poss. NC, 1870 liv in son Benjamin’s    household.
136.  John Vaughn 16 Oct 1771 VA, 14 July 1842 Hancock Co. TN
137.  Nancy Callicot/Callico ca 1777 Prince William Co. VA, after 1858 Hancock Co. TN
138.  William Patrick Vaughan 1750 poss. Wales, ca 1838-40 Madison Co. AR
139.  Fereby Benton ca 1745 NC, May 1850 (age 105) Madison Co. AR per 1850 mortality schedule.
274.  James Beverly Callicott 1750 Prince Edward Co. VA, Jun 1824 Randolph Co. NC
275.  Priscilla (unknown)
278.  James Benton abt. 1721. Was at Cherokee Indian Nation NC
279.  poss. Fair-A-Bee Looney abt 1735 Old Cherokee Nat. TN *some sources say her      name was Martha or Malinda.
548.  James C. Callicott ca 1705, 1778Prince Edward Co. VA
549.  Agatha Harrison 1709, after 1796
558.  John E. Looney abt 1709 Old Cherokee Nat. TN
1096. John Callicott abt 1650 VA, abt 1717 prob. VA
1097. Rachel Hapkins

Multiply number by 2 to get father.  Add 1 to get mother.
Note:  Number 136 John Vaughn and Number 138 William Vaughan were brothers.  Children James and Martha that married were first cousins.

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Ancestral Line — Connie Chancellor

Number 3 is from Connie Chancellor:

Constance (Connie) Lyons Chancellor  (Z. Lomus Chancellor, Jr.)  d/o
Henrietta Ferrell (O. Clifford Lyons)   1918 – 1991   d/o
Jessie Compton (Allen Ferrell)  1888 – 1918   d/o
Georgia Vaughan (James H. Compton)  1868 – 1893  d/o
Abraham Vaughan (Selthana Wilson)  1841 – 1912    s/o
Thomas Vaughan, Jr. (Minerva Walker)  1819 – 1877  s/o
Thomas Vaughan, Sr. (Nancy Ford)  1773 – 1846  s/o
William Vaughan (Fereby Benton)   abt. 1750
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Ancestral line — Rhonda Clark

The 2nd of our Vaughan Pioneers Group to post their ancestry is Rhonda Clark:

My line is as follows:
Rhonda Chandler Clark d/o                                                    b 1963
Patricia Ann Vaughan Chandler (Ronald Chandler d/o          b 1945  d 2002
Robert Woodrow Vaughan ( Gertie Lorene Cates)    s/o        b 1917  d 1960
Dan Vaughan(Lena V. Darden)  s/o                                        b 1878  d 1938
Thomas R. Vaughan (Laura Missouri Smith)                          b 1851  d  1916
Issac Vaughan(Virginia Clark) s/o                                           b 1818  d  1897
Daniel Vaughan(Margaret Hammons) s/o                               b 1787  d  1864
William Patrick Vaughan (Fereby Benton)

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New feature — Vaughan biographies

I’m starting a new feature on this site — Vaughan biographies, submitted by members of the Vaughan Pioneer research group.  These members would be glad to hear from anyone who connects to their ancestral line.

The first one is from Ellen Richardson:

Contact: (as of March 2010)

William Patrick VAUGHAN

b. abt. 1750

    d. abt. 1838;, Madison, Arkansas
    unk date and place to Fereby Lou BENTON

son of William:


b. 01 Sep 1776; , Russell, Va

    d. 29 Apr 1852; Hindsville, Madison, Arkansas

    m. abt. 1808; ,, Tennessee to Martha Catharine HAMMONS

daughter of Samuel:

Susannah E. VAUGHAN

b. abt. 1811; , Warren, Tennessee

d. abt. 1868; , McLennan, Texas

m. abt. 1826; , Madison, Arkansas to Joseph S. EDWARDS

daughter of Susannah:


b. abt. 1834; Arkansas

d. unk.

m. 14 June 1852; , McLennan, Texas to Clausen NEEDHAM

daughter of Mary Anne:

Defasy Ann NEEDHAM

b. 24 Sep 1854; Texas

d .23 Feb 1907; Robinson, McLennan, Texas

m. 22 Aug 1872; McLennan, Texas to Henry Clay HARRIS

daughter of Defasy Ann:

Amanda Stella HARRIS

b. 06 Mar 1881; Texas

d. 13 Jan 1957; Texas

    m. 04 Aug 1906; Waco, McLennan, Texas to Rufus Burelson EVANS

also married to: Walter E. Beard and an Unknown first name McCall

son of Stella:

James Rufus EVANS

b. 15 Aug 1907; Texas

d.. 18 Aug 1962; Rosenthal; McLennan, Texas

    m. Waco, McLennan, Texas to Dovie Lavainus POWERS

daughter of James:

Ruth E. Evans

b. 26 Sep 1934; Texas

d. 05 May 1969; Az

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Lost February Post: Modal vs. Published results

In January, I compared the Vaughan/Stephens/Hooper Modal Haplotype against results of tow British Y-DNA studies published by Bryan Sykes and Stephen Oppenheimer.  Both men, independently of each other took Y-DNA samples of men from all over Britain and Ireland to determine if, through DNA research, the genetic make up of ‘the Isles’ as Sykes called Great Britain and Ireland, could be mapped out.  Their results determined that much of the genetic make-up of the Isles is early Celtic, and that later invasions did not displace the genetic code of the original inhabitants.  R1b was found to be the predominate Haplogroup of the Islands, and both attributed this to Iberian men settling in Britain and Ireland shortly after the last Ice Age.

Through a bit of research, I was able to find the raw data used by both men in their research.  6 to 8 DYS markers were used by the men to reach their conclusion, and the men from whom the samples came were interviewed to determine where they were from, and to make certain that the men in the test were at least 3rd generation natives of the neighborhood where they were from.  In other words, all the men had to have paternal grandfathers living in the same area that they lived.

Comparing our Modal DYS markers to the results brought out some very clear conclusions.  By far, the vast majority of the matches (and I allowed a one point mismatch in any one marker, so as to allow for any random mutation that might have occurred).  The closest genetic matches to our Modal were from men from Wales.  There were a handful of close matches from other places in England, but none from Ireland, and the vast majority from Welsh men.  One perfect 6 marker match came from a man living about 60 miles north of Tretower Court.  Another close match was to a man who lived in Brecknockshire, Wales, which is where Tretower (ground zero for the Vaughans) is located.  It is very, very clear that our Vaughans are of ancient Welsh ancestry.  L21 is a very, very old Celtic mutation, and the DYS values agree — our Vaughans and their genetically matching Stephens and Hoopers were Welsh — possibly descendants of Romanized Celtic Brits who fled west when the Anglo Saxons invaded Britain when the Roman army left at the collapse of the Roman Empire.

Certainly they could have moved to anywhere in Britain or Ireland over the centuries, and these results don’t imply that the American immigrant was born in central Wales, but I am confident that no matter where this man lived, his ancestry led back to Wales.

Eddie Davis

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